Our B2C part is sold out! Please reach out to us through the mail if you are interested in buying: info@turkiye.ai


AI Masters is a project that aims to provide a platform for all AI enthusiasts around the world to freely talk about the news, developments, and ideas. The project is made of 5k different NFTs of 10 AI Masters who are well known for their contributions to the development of Artificial Intelligent technologies. The main goal is to develop and pass on the legacy left by the AI Masters and support the future of AI, so most of the income will be donated for the education of AI enthusiasts in this area.

  • 75% Donations and Education

  • 5% Team

  • 5% TRAI

  • 5% Strategic Partnerships

  • 5% Project expenses

  • 5% Carbon Offset


A collection built on the principles of utility and community

Transparency is important for our community that’s why we gladly want to show you our income distribution chart. If you have any questions we will gladly answer them in our discord too! We do care about your opinions and we care about your trust. Our income’s biggest part will be used for creating bootcamps, education, and donations for our community and people who wants to learn AI. We will share our partnerships and which platforms are we planning to do our bootcamps very soon. Don’t miss any news follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/aimastersnft


Halil AksuFounder

Can TestereMarketing Manager

Busenur YağcıDesigner, Creative Director

Betül Kübra EkinciCommunity Manager

Batuhan Tamer UsluProject Manager


ALi Selim EmeçDigital Marketing

Atakan ErbaşDeveloper

Emre ÖzcanFinance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an “NFT”?

NFT stands for “non-fungible token” and are unique digital items that people can buy, own, and trade. NFTs are stored and encrypted on the blockchain and can simply be digital art but also can have various benefits such as being used as membership cards where holders get exclusive access to things like websites, events, merchandise, and more.

How do I buy an AI Master?

1. Sign up for Phantom Wallet and download the extension on your internet browser.
2. Make sure you have enough Solana in your wallet to cover the total cost including gas fees.
3. On the mint day, there will be a Connect button at the top of our website to connect to your wallet.
4. Click on the mint button and you will be prompted to sign for your transaction. There will be a fee associated with every transaction related to gas prices.
5. Once you have made your purchase, your AI Masters will appear in your wallet and on Magiceden

What is the supply and mint price?

There will be a total of 5,000 AI Masters and the mint price is 0.6 Sol

Is there a Discord?

“You can join our Discord channel from the following link: https://discord.gg/zC7awTDjZp . We have AMA’s, Whitelist giveaways, events and more!”

Is there a Whitelist?

“There are giveaways and raffles on our Twitter and Discord to get a whitelist. (P.S. being active in the community is the key)”

What are your secondary royalty fees?